About Me

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I am:

– from Massachusetts! (I grew up in the Merrimack Valley, north of the city, and have lived in Somerville for the past eight years)

– an Aquarius! (If it is February and you want to buy me something, may I suggest shoes?)

– a public media nerd! (I listen obsessively to NPR, can talk for hours about Downton Abbey, and spent eight years working at WGBH, the United States’ largest public media producer—which is a little like letting the inmates run the asylum)

– a politics geek! (In my family, we follow politics the way other families follow sports. My brothers and I are always sending each other one-word texts that say things like: “Boehner?!” The best part is, we always know what they mean)

– a historian! (At least, I have a master’s in Modern European History from the University of Cambridge. Anything to do with World War II endlessly fascinates me.)

– a Francophile! (C’était mon deuxième sujet a l’université et je ne perds jamais une opportunité de parler français)

– a world traveler! (I think of this as a state of being. Some people are gay. Some people are Jewish. Some people are world travelers.)

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